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4 Ways to Reject a Candidate as Painlessly as Possible

All recruiters practice a standard convention: rejection. Unfortunately, you will have to turn down a few candidates who are not on par with your other candidates.

However, rejection does not have to be humiliating for your candidates. The way you dismiss your candidates reflects your company culture and could strengthen or weaken your company reputation in the workplace. Besides that, you could read more articles regarding this topic on Jobstreet Singapore- one of the largest job portals here.

Let candidates know quickly

Most recruiters hold back the rejection letter until the entire hiring process ends. Some even wait until their new employees start work. This convention is a practice you should not adopt in your workplace. It is disrespectful to your candidates, and it leaves them on a dead end.

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Be honest

Be honest with yourself, and to your candidates. If you are genuinely interested in keeping them in the loop, let them know. You can finish your rejection email and phone call off by inviting them to your talent community. Also, this will allow you to stay in touch with your candidates regarding upcoming roles.

However, if you are unable to see any long-term prospect in your candidates at any stage, reject them immediately.

Give feedback, and ask for feedback

Feedback and constructive criticisms are crucial in any recruiting process. Asking for feedback is the best way you can strive to improve your recruiting process in the long run. Don’t just aim to ask successful candidates, but you should survey all talents.

If you start practicing this convention in your hiring process, you will notice an improvement in your company reputation.

Personalise your rejection letters

Personalizing your rejection letters by your candidates is a fundamental step you should adopt in your hiring process. Giving them personalized feedback will benefit your candidates by ensuring that they have room for improvement shortly.

Give them positive comments, and some in which they can work towards improving.


Overall, your method of rejection reflects your company. Either way, you should always respect your candidates and help them where possible. Before you can reject your candidates, you have to have a large pool of candidates to choose! Visit Jobstreet via  to search for your talents.