Lafarge ProSolutions: A Fantastic Partner for Building Material

Malaysia is approximated to gain 42,417,649 total population in 2070. The building will be a key topic in facing the rise of human population. Lafarge ProSolutions enhances building construction around Malaysia. They offer more house for residing and building for companies through its impressive and good solutions.

Lafarge ProSolutions: The Top in Building Material Market

Lafarge ProSolutions is known as a well-known building material company in Malaysia who has made a contribution to many projects, for instance, Petronas Twin Towers, KLIA, and Rapid LRT line. They provide high-quality solutions and products in order to meet your requirements. For, example, construction safety, as Lafarge ProSolutions knows safety is the most important in a construction site. You should find out how extraordinary is Lafarge ProSolutions now!


Whenever people mention cement for individual or business purpose, Lafarge ProSolutions is often in their mind. There are lots of various types of cement in catalogs like Phoenix, Rumah, Walcrete, Harimau, and RoadCem. Each kind has their particular purpose which is determined by where it going to be applied.


Another type of products from Lafarge ProSolution is its QuickMix. Its QuickMix solutions are available as an adhesive, base coat and top coat. Whether if you wish to make the perfect walls in your dream house or even the luxurious-looking floors for the hotel, Lafarge ProSolution has the right product to suit your needs.

construction safety


Lafarge ProSolutions consistently be sure that its items are quality and are usually delivered fast. With their concrete’s product, they have created a collection of value-added concrete items like Agilia, Artevia, Hydromedia, and so on. Each and every its product has been formulated well to fulfill the customer’s requirement specifications.

Special Project Team

Planning and executing a mega project is challenging mainly because of the ought to consider many factors such as cost, environment issue, and more. Special Project Team is actually a group of experienced professionals which supply assistance on consultancy, design and projects operations. If you want a hand with this, Lafarge ProSolutions is for you.


Lafarge ProSolutions operates a nationwide network of facilities to distribute the products wisely as well as to ensure an uninterrupted flow of products to customers. Moreover offer logistics services like GPS Tracking, Delivery Mobile Application and Delivery Monitoring Service.

Innovation Hub

In moving towards a better and sustainable future, Lafarge ProSolutions has spent lots on Innovation Hub. The IH has helped in doing discussion and address issues from our building materials industry. This actually also involving government stakeholders, industry professionals, and educational institutions.

Lafarge ProSolutions are involved and contributed a lot in construction for the mega project and individual project. They always improve to produce a high-quality product. As well as never hurts the mother nature. Visit their site to understand building material and how they are able to become your good partner. Visit the website now