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The Best Coworking Spaces to find out in KL

In the current era today, the thought of working culture has evolved drastically. People don’t attempt to work in offices. They have to be on the move, echoing their hustle and bustle lifestyle. Today, we witness an exponential increase in freelancers and digital nomads. Generally, they attempt to retain a flexible type of lifestyle, while ensuring the uppermost level of productivity with their workload. These types of individuals don’t want to retain and enduringly settle in a normal office. Hence, a virtual office is the foremost option.

where to find the best coworking spaces in the KL area?

You don’t need to any look further for a coworking environment. There are various coworking space KLMalaysia and around the Klang Valley area. These shared offices are suitable for start-up companies or independent business entrepreneurs that would like to save up money or interest in having a much better work-life balance.


Colony among the many co-working spaces based in Kuala Lumpur. Inspired by famous tech businesses that have unique amenities in their office, Colony realizes the chance to produce a better workplace in our country. They think that any proper serviced office is the secret to healthy work culture.

Colony aims to provide the greatest services and facilities to further improve your experience in a coworking space. Along with a workstation, you casavouror facilities such as Sky Gym, an outdoor pool area, a separate nap area, a cafe, and massage services. Colony also provides the freedom of using their space as your business address as well as mail handling services, fulfilling the demands of a virtual office. When you’re giving thought to hold events or meetings, Colony will never disappoint you using their beautiful event space and meeting rooms.

Common Ground

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Also you can consider Common Ground which is also in Kuala Lumpur. The idea behind this business is always to get connected to individuals with common goals. Once you surround yourself with others, uncover more skills and a lot more opportunities happens. Common Ground is going to be opening up more offices locally and in foreign lands at the same time.

Common Ground is a virtual office that assigns an excellent service at the same time. You are able to get to the community through CG App, join business masterclasses, workshops and take some time together with members to have a cup of coffee within the space. It won’t be you and your pc alone, you can get connected to your desk pals and network throughout the every week events that they have. In any case, along with a super fast internet, fancy and modern unique spaces and completely free refreshments, it’s not easy to say no.


Yet another one out there is Worq. Space, located in Damansara. Offering all needs in a workspace, Worq. Space   to manifest as a one-stop productive space for their clients. Their goal is as simple as generating a productive community and helping them develop in many ways.

Worq. Space has all the features which the customer ever wanted. Whether it’s their selection of hotdesk, shared, or private office that a customer chooses, a selection of services may still be enjoyed all through the office. Cosy spots, bottomless food, and gym are to name the few, there are a lot more benefits that Worq. Space offers to keep a smile on the customer’s face.

Interested in experiencing a totally new working experience? Would love to explore the options? Have a look at these places for the next unique working experience and others site.